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Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Is it just words? Human Genome & Slavery - (4) 8Feb2006

It is sometimes hard to gauge a Synod debate from the advance papers. Who could have guessed that the subject of the Human Genome could ferret out so many fluent and knowledgeable members with direct & indirect expertise in such a rarefied field? So much so, in this case, that Synod felt we could do with a little more information and supporting evidence before making substantive comment. Consequently, this important scientific area with huge ethical, financial & personal issues will come back again…

Another debate that was passionate and personal was on the anniversary of the abolition of slavery in 2007. A number of maiden speeches were presented (many belying the speakers’ Synodical inexperience, due to their high standard of presentation and grasp of intricate issues).

Sorry ‘- seems to be the hardest word…’.

Or sometimes it appears to be used as the easy get-out.

But to many, to make such an apology, as one speaker said, was urgent & important; and ++R pointed out that rather than being unnecessary and cheap to just say sorry, sometimes it was very necessary, and also costly. Synod agreed, and voted accordingly. And by the way it hit the headlines, even if not all positiviely, it has clearly touched a nerve. I think rightly.

Alastair GS101

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