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Monday, 26 February 2007

Presidential address: An Obstinate Will - 26Feb2007

In his Presidential address, part of which reflected on last week's meeting of the Primates in East Africa (the concept alone raises a titter, and irreverent images of monkeys tea partys - all very un-pc concepts these days) the Archbishop of Canterbury helped Synod to look at some of the issues Primates of the Provinces had been exploring over the previous fortnight. Many have already commented and blogged on this (for a starting point, have a look at ThinkingAnglicans).

The full text of the Archbishop's Address is here.

I was particularly struck by this small paragraph:
"Yet – to speak personally for a moment – the persistence of the Communion as an organically international and intercultural unity whose aim is to glorify Jesus Christ and to work for his Kingdom is for me and others just as much a matter of deep personal and theological conviction as any other principle. About this, I am entirely prepared to say ‘Here I stand and I cannot do otherwise’. And I believe the Primates have said the same."

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