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Thursday, 1 March 2007

Wot No ? (add your query here) ? - (d) 1Mar2007

OK, what about some of the others?

I have not been able to give exhaustive cover of all debates - mainly as they were exhausting. Strange how sitting around just listening to (admittedly rather intense) debates can be so tiring.

So sorry if I have not adequately covered something you wanted to hear more of:

  • progress of measures and statutory instruments...
  • the next draft of the Dioceses, Pastoral & Mission Measure
  • what a Draft Amending Canon might be, (and how draughts might be excluded, or canons fired; tee hee)
  • the next stage of FX - Fresh Expressions of church (actually a fave of mine)
  • the Transferring of various Funds
  • 200 years of education in CofE schools
  • how the Bishops move, as a house (- probably a subject for a whole post next time)
A daily summary, and audio links for the Feb 2007 debates are available here.

Also, there are many press reports, or other interested group commentaries available - many from the links at the right of this blog. Do try clicking them.

Alastair GS101

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