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Sunday, 8 July 2007

More on the (Anglican) Covenant - (b) 8July2007

So, after vigorous debate on quite a number of amendments to the motion on the Anglican Covenant, Synod actually rejected all of them, and came back to the original motion. Engaging positively in the process of the forming of the covenant was underlined.

There had been suggestions of Synod meeting in for the additional planned (but usually dispensed with) meeting in November to ratify the final text, rather than just the draft currently before synod; or delay the delivery of the CofE response until after the February meeting of synod - but was decided that we already have people at the table in the design group, and that the process is likely not to be completed in the immediate future anyway.

Some give the impression of a feeling of fudge, or various constituencies giving in. I was rather more favourably moved by the comments from people who said their minds were changed by the debate as it went on. It ended with a resounding endorsement.

At least we will now know what Anglicans are...

Alastair GS101

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