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Tuesday, 8 July 2008

More from Katie in the General Synod House - (b) 8July2008

Katie has updated her notes on her Facebook page -

With her permission, I have add her latest General Synod House Diary Room commentary, and completed all of the posts under the previous entry:

Day 4 in the GS House - 2.15pm

all of the housemates are in the living room.

the majority of the housemates suggest that all of them had a right to be in charge of the others, and that they would write the rules of the household in chalk on the blackboard...

some of the housemates feel that only those who had been part of the household since the start could fully understand the workings of the house and therefore have the necessary qualifications to be in charge...

other housemates are concerned that the rules could just be rubbed out and re-written by anybody, and could they not be written in permanent marker on the walls 10ft above the floor, making them more tamper proof...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day 4 - 10.15pm

after nearly 8 hours in the living room (and 1 hour scattered for dinner) the house mates have voted 3:1 for the original suggestion...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Day 5 in the GS House -

and all of the housemates have gone home, leaving behind an empty living room and some evidence of tear-stained tissues, party hats and streamers stuffed under the coffee table, and tumbleweed behind the sofa...

(on behalf of Katie...) Alastair Cutting, GS101

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