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Friday, 4 July 2008

Questions - (b) 4July2008

'Questions' is always one of the animated sessions of Synod. It allows proper - but often maverik - current intervention into Synod's otherwise previously concreted diary.

It allowed, for example, in relation to a question on Christian Muslim relations, in a supplementary question, to observe that the countries most senior judge Lord Justice Shaw had on the day Synod started, made comments about Sharia law having a UK role.

It was observed that the last time Synod had met, that the Archbishop had made some similar comments - which caused widespread debate.

It was commented on during this questions session that it was very good at the start of this synod to have this senior judge endorsing what the Archbishop had said a few months earlier!

Alastair, GS101

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dmk said...


I've been trying to find synod papers with the questions, and answers, at the July 08 sessions, but to no avail. I'm particularly interested in a question that was asked about SPCK. Any idea where to find these?
David Keen