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Monday, 9 February 2009

Open Synod

Justin has pointed out already below where you can get details of the Synod agenda.

This is just to add that one further way that you can enjoy Synod is of course to come and see it in action in person. Synod sessions are open to the public, who are welcome to sit in the gallery (as space allows - and it is rarely packed to capacity, though often well attended).

I, and I am sure Justin, or other Synod members that you know, would most likely be happy to meet you and sit with you there.

If you would like to contact me once Synod has started, the best method is by SMS text to 07736 676106.

Alastair Cutting GS101


Peter Kirk said...

"welcome to sit in the galley"

Are the synod debates as hot as a ship's kitchen? ;-)

Justin Brett said...

Nice to know somebody's paying attention...