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Thursday, 15 November 2012

November's Synod

So, the General Synod is meeting for an additional session on the 19, 20, 21 November 2012.

Papers for the session are available here. - It's not all about women bishops.

Archbishop Rowan Williams has a number of contributed videos under the title Enough Waiting on the Archbishop of Canterbury's site. Both Archbishop Rowan, and Bishop Justin Welby (Archbishop designate) have spoken of strongly supporting the current measure as the best way forward to support women bishops, whilst giving the strongest level of support for those who cannot in all conscience accept women bishops.

There is a video entitled Not Enough Waiting representing a traditionalist view featuring Bishop Lindsay Urwin, from Walsingham.

A pro-women bishops lobbying site has been set up under the banner Yes 2 Women Bishops.

The A Fair Measure For All site collects a number of traditionalist/conservative articles and links; as does Together Forward.

The main debate on women bishops takes place on Tues 20 November.

Please pray for all listening and participating in Synod's debates; and for those who will be most dissapointed - whatever the result of the voting is.

Alastair Cutting (Chichester 96)