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Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's Back!

So here we are then. Another July Synod at York - and guess what's on the Agenda...

You can get the Agenda, papers and so on here and as always you can follow the excitement on the live stream (I'll post the link here when I have it). For the full muted TV and Test Match Special experience you can also follow the fun and games on Twitter. Our old account @GenSyn has now become the official Church of England feed. Our more subjective one can be found at @Synodical and don't forget to search for the #synod hashtag.

Sadly, Alastair has had to give up his Synod seat on his elevation to the Archdiaconate, so for the time being it's just me running the show. Contributions from others would be very welcome indeed - contact me via @Synodical if you are interested.

(Chichester 289)