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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

York General Synod - Tues11Jul2006


The last two items of business related to Prisons and Marriages (unconnected items!)

The prison issue related to the withdrawal of a pastoral support course in Dartmoor prison and the concern that there was more widespread lack of Christian input into the rehabilitation of Offenders. The Bishop of Worcester sought to reassure Synod that the reports were inaccurate and that there are a lot of other courses for prisoners with a Christian input.

Mrs Joanna Monckton (Lichfield) introduced a Private Member’s Motion on the Married Couple’s Tax Allowance stating that government legislation had penalised married people and served to undermine marriage itself. An amended motion was passed asking both church and government to give priority to supporting family life and for the latter to remove ‘the considerable financial penalties placed on marriage by the tax and benefit system’.

After 28½ hours of debate over four days plus attendance at fringe meeting we departed for home.

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