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Friday, 6 July 2007

Getting to Synod ?- (a) 6July2007

So, setting off at a not too early 8.42am made a straightforward start to the 250 mile journey north to York for the July 2007 session of the General Synod. This time by train. I nodded in deference to my title parish of Woodlands just north of Doncaster, and had more than average time to do so as the train slowed past the bad flooding, some still visible, near Toll Bar.

Door to door in about 4 hours is really good. And by train, I could feel virtuous with many other Synod members over keeping the carbon footprint to a minimum too.

However, as I queued to get my wifi password (hooray! I didn't get one at all, and couldn't easily blog, last July :o( ) one of my colleagues, confined to a wheelchair, discovered that they not only had difficulty in getting *disabled* access to accommodation rooms, but the lift to the Synod chamber was not working, and indeed would not be able to work, for the whole of this year's Synod. Getting all that way to Synod - but never quite arriving.

I trust they will get access to the Synod in some way. And I hope that the CofE will not similarly find it has made it's way to York's Synod, never quite to arrive...

Alasatir GS101

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