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Friday, 4 July 2008

Familiar faces

Wifi on trains - what fun! (...or how geeky, get a life...)

It does however allow a quick note whilst travelling up to York. People watching can be fun. Especially when some of the people in view are Giles Fraser, and Gavin Oldham, possibly sitting closer to each other than they may be theologically at other times...

(Correspondent pauses blogging to bow respectfully to the parish just north of Doncaster that took him on as a curate some many years ago.)

Seeing people in surprising places can be fun. Time to 'fess up'. I went to the All Souls post-GAFCon meeting on Tuesday.

And actually press reports that it was exclusively full of members of GAFCon, Reform, Mainstream, and homophobes was clearly wide of the mark, from a number of the faces I recognised there. Many, like me, went to really hear for ourselves what these groups think the future of Anglicanism ought to be. Much of the Jerusalem Declaration I can agree with.

But there are some clauses I am not at all happy with. There are a number of people who have raised concerns - in particular the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Bishop of Durham.

But at least at that gathering, there were people present with different views wanting to hear each other, and to hear God.

May the same be true of this Synod, and the Lambeth Conference following it.

Alastair, GS101

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