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Monday, 7 July 2008

Muddling along on Monday Morning

Everyone is a bit on edge at the moment - not really surprising - so the odd little bits of 'normal' Synod Life seem curiously encouraging. Synod is in some ways a bit like any other big residential conference - it has the same sort of superficial look - people wander around with badges and bulging bags of papers, the bars are full of intense conversation, people eat large breakfasts that they wouldn't dream of cooking for themselves, and so on. I was coming out of the dining room after my breakfast (large, but I probably would have cooked it for myself), walked past the inevitable pile of bags, briefcases, umbrellas and raincoats, and had to smile as I saw an alb and a green stole dumped casually on the top of the pile. Then, when I made it over to the hall I was confronted by one of the youngest members of the Synod - certainly the youngest clergy member - wearing a cardboard box over his shoulders like a placard, urging people to sign his Private Members Motion.

Life goes on here in York. At the moment - as I type this, sitting up in the gallery - we are debating the Anglican/Methodist Covenant, and doing a pretty good job of carrying on as normal. Whatever normal is in this singular institution!

Justin GS373

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