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Saturday, 11 July 2009

July Synod Friday's business

Belatedly, as initial attempts to get online proved difficult...

Justin has already added a post, and Thinking Anglicans already has a write-up on Friday.

Links to all the papers for July's Synod are here.

Live feed from debates (via Premier Radio) are here.

The agenda on Friday, as usual started with the presentation of the Business Committee's report. They put the Synod agenda together, finalising what is on the agenda, and how debates are to be tackled. This July they got a rough ride as they decided to finish synod early, on the Monday evening. Some synod members felt not a wide enough consultation had taken place warning of that, and the many people had already booked train tickets etc and couldn't then cancel. There were a number of other issues about what was, or was not on the agenda. A grumpy start to Synod.

Then there was a presentation of a report from the National Stewardship Committee. Presented in a very lively way by one of Synod's elder statesmen. I am all for young members of Synod; but not at the exclusion of this sort of wisdom. We didn't quite finish the debate, and had to return to it later...

The final part of Friday's work was Questions. This synod, questions put by members were only to be for written answer, unless a verbal answer was particularly requested. This is, in my opinion, a crass move of synod, which most members circumvented, by asking for a verbal reply anyway.

The list of questions, and answers, does not yet appear to be online, but Simon Sarmiento 'Twittered' most of them.

In fact, the Twitter-ing that started at the February Synod has continued in a lively vein in York in July, and the live stream is available here.

Alastair Cutting GS101

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