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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

OK, so that didn't work...

... so apologies for that.

We were not able to have wifi access at York after all, and due to a modem fault, I was not able to get online and post anything.


Particularly as I had asked for wifi access in advance and was told that we would have it. And 'a bishop I know' was busy using his laptop on the York wifi in the chamber, so a little lack of parity going on there methinks... But enough said.

I did have notes at the time, but I'm afraid that they got - um - well you remember "the dog ate my homework sir"?

However, one of my colleagues did much better in the note-taking department, and I have their permission to place their notes from July's York General Synod online instead. So the following few blogs notes relate back to then, and sort of keep the thread running - if belatedly - before the new sitting of Synod starts the week after next.

The following 5 blogs are posted my me on behalf of M.

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