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Saturday, 7 February 2009

February Agenda and methods to enhance your Synodical Enjoyment.

It's that time again! All over the country, hardy Anglicans are digging out their snow shoes and getting ready to brave the blizzards as they prepare to set out for London on Monday for the start of General Synod. You can see an outline agenda here and you can find the full agenda and links to all the documents here.

If you want to enhance your enjoyment even further, there are several ways you can experience the joy of Synod in almost real time. Premier Radio are providing a live audio feed of debates here. You will need a broadband connection and Windows Media Player or something similar to listen in.

Also, in addition to as much on-the-spot blogging as we can manage, I, and possibly Alastair, will also be tweeting. No, I'm no more cuckoo than usual (sorry) - I'm talking about Twitter. If you want a brief explanation of what Twitter is, then try Bishop Alan's Blog. Incidentally, if you haven't come across Bishop Alan Wilson's blog before, you're missing a treat! My username on Twitter is justinbrett and Alastair's is AlCutting - and when you get bored of us you can always follow the exploits of Stephen Fry, Jonathan Ross, and Eddie Izzard to name but a few.

And finally... There may be some difficult patches ahead for this Synod - several potentially divisive motions, for example, and no little uncertainty about how we progress on a number of fronts. All of us about to head for London would very much value your prayers over the coming week.

Justin (GS 373)


Mr John Cooper said...

All the best with your deliberating. Thank you for your regular posting (during events) as it provides an invaluable way to see what is going on.

With Regards


Mr John Cooper said...
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