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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Join in the chorus... (Minister)

Martin Dales, in the 'Church Water bills' debate just led the assembled Synod in singing:

"The rains came down and the tax went up...
and the charities in the land fell flat."
(Ruth Gledhill was the first to get the choir online...!)

There are serious problems for churches and other chartities who have surface water run-off being charged at commercial rates.

They are singing again, in the hope that the 'House' across the road hears...

I have commented before on how there is often an expert within synod on virtually any debate. Today, it was the turn of a churchwarden from Southwark diocese, who in his work-life happens to be chair of OFWAT, Philip Fletcher. He accepts Synod will probably vote through this motion, but had some useful observations, especially encouraging synod not to pass the amendment.

I also ought to add the link to the important background information in the Don't Drain Us site.

Alastair Cutting GS101

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