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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Some Synod-Related Stuff

I have generally tried (and usually failed) to keep my posts here as objective as possible - at least when they are reporting Synod business. However, you might possibly be interested in two pieces from my other (new) blog which is intended to be a little bit less objective. The first of them is on the Covenant Process - where are we and how did we get here sort of thing - the second is a few further thoughts on the BNP Debate.

My intention from now on is to try to do Synod reporting on this blog and provide subjective comment on the other blog - along with whatever other things occur to me in the gaps between Synods...

One final comment - it has been fascinating to see the growth of internet use over these last three years at Synod. Twitter has been a particular revelation this time round. Alan Wilson is a great fan (and fast on his way to becoming a Twitter guru) and I'm sure there must be others out there. If anyone comes up with any good ideas about how to use all this new media - in particular Twitter and Facebook - in the context of General Synod then I would be delighted to hear them. I suspect Alan would be too - he has mentioned a social media day in Oxford on 1st April. Anyway - see you all around (in a cyberspace sort of way) in July if not before.

(GS 373)


jhoncooper said...

Is it wrong to say

"he has mentioned a social media day in Oxford on 1st April" leaves me uneasy - how do we know he'll turn up ;)

More seriously - I'll email some thoughts over....

With Regards


matchkora said...

thank you