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Monday 13 September 2010

Online Election General Synod Addresses/Statements


A number of folks have put their Election Addresses/Statements/Manifestos online. This page lists those that we have been informed of.

** If you are voting, please also see our post about voting too: Voting for General Synod, or General Custard.**

We will add any links to addresses online mailed to synod @ mac.com, or added in the comments below, for others to be able to access them quickly.

The prize for online- efficiency goes to the Diocese of Bath & Wells and Gloucester though, for not only having all their B&W Candidates papers and Gloucester papers on the diocesan website, but B&W are also holding an Online Hustings, up until 6 October.

Names are in alphabetical order of surname, within each house & diocese (where known):
Non-Diocesan candidates, including Suffragan Bishops, towards the bottom:

B&W Diocese Clergy
Leicester Diocese Clergy

Lincoln Diocese links
Address links

Liverpool Diocese Laity

London Diocese Clergy
Jane Morris
London Diocese Laity
Rosalind O'Dowd

Manchester Diocese Clergy
Andy Salmon
Manchester Diocese Laity
James Townsend

Oxford Diocese Clergy
Rosie Harper (scroll down in post)

Ripon & Leeds Clergy
Ian Black

Southwark Diocese Clergy
Danny Kajumba

Southwark Diocese Laity
Jane Chelliah-Manning
Thomas McLean

Winchester Diocese Laity
Dan Barnes-Davies

York Diocese Clergy
Jeremy Fletcher

Southern Suffragan Bishops
+Pete Broadbent
+Alan Wilson



Chelliah Laity said...

It has been almost impossible to reach voters because of process difficulties i.e release of email addresses. The initiative that you propose is a marvellous idea. Thank you.

Tom said...

I am also standing for the House of Laity in Southwark, and my address may be found here: http://db.tt/IKekcsi

Peter Owen said...

Here's another election address. It's for my sister Phyllis Owen who is standing for Chelmsford clergy.


Peter Owen said...

The Lincoln election addresses are available on the Lincoln diocesan website.


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Here's my election address, even though only Southern Suffragan Bishop could vote for me:


For my money there is omething very problematic about how people get to know what choices they have. I am visiting hustings in Bucks to see whether this is a problem, and, inevitably, I suppose, will blog the result...

Justin Brett said...

I've finally got round to putting mine up. The text is on my blog at http://dodgyliberal.blogspot.com/2010/09/general-synod-election-address.html and if you want it as a .pdf you can get it at http://dl.dropbox.com/u/6996020/2010%20GS%20address.pdf

Peter Owen said...

It's a bit late, but I have just noticed that my own diocese (Liverpool) has put the election addresses online.